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Phillip is world-renowned for his best-selling books that encourage, inspire, and transform individuals. Sold more than 100s of copies and are highly valued by readers.

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Learn how giving encouragement to others, whether at home, at work, or in the community, can lift all around you. Your encouragement then becomes contagious as the receivers forward encouragement to others.

Contagious Encouragement


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Famous personalities who have praised his books.

Tom Ziglar
Hank Moore
Dave Lieber Columnist - The Dallas Morning News

Phillip Hatfield's book Contagious Encouragement, is so wonderfully Positive that his positivity can not help but rub off on you.

Brenda D Lovelady Powerful Page Turner steeped in Triumph over Tragedy

Carried By Angels is a powerful story evocative of survival and triumph of the human spirit in the face of death. Phillip's story is an inspirational Christian testimonial that shines light on the depth of God's love for us. It is a reminder that without trials we would not appreciate blessings!

Tom Ziglar CEO of Ziglar Inc.

The Message of Carried by Angels is simple. Regardless of your past you can start today, right now, and create an incredible future. You will come to love the phrase "Trouble Grace."

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