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Setting up a small business is no easy task, regardless of whether it's your first time or you're a serial entrepreneur. Business ownership requires a lot of dedication and any entrepreneur who sets out to do so deserves a high level of respect.

As a small business owner himself, Phillip understands what it's like to be in charge of the day-to-day operations of a company, from finding new clients to managing your own accounts. That's why he provides relevant small business consulting services that are based on his own experiences.

Phillip's FIVE Phase Business Consulting Model

Your Small Business Consulting services will be based on Phillip's Five-Phase Business Consulting Model (see below). An onsite assessment will be included as part of your package to determine the best Competencies and Strategies. He will personally design an individual business consulting package tailored to meet your specific needs, objectives, and deadlines.


The DVI Phase begins with clarifying the fundamental challenges or problems that need to be addressed. This phase involves:

  • Assessing where you are today, and gaining insight and clarity into what you want to achieve: your needs, wants, and desires; your goals, dreams, and aspirations for your organization.
  • Identifying the underlying problems, challenges, and obstacles in your business and in the marketplace.
  • Defining and documenting these problems and challenges.
  • Developing a list of specific outcomes desired.
  • Prioritizing the critical issues that must be addressed first.


The BTC Phase will produce a strategic Plan of Action—based on information gathered during the onsite evaluation and the DVI Phase—designed to develop your team, to maximize performance and profits, and to achieve the specific desired outcomes identified during the DVI Phase. This plan will include:

  • Designating who, what, and when.
  • Establishing timetables.
  • Assigning responsibilities for every element of the plan.
  • Creating milestones for measuring progress.
  • Establishing target dates for these milestones to be achieved.


The PTO Phase is where implementation of the Plan of Action begins. This phase will involve:

  • Getting all essential components of the plan in place and functional.
  • Building the basic framework and structure through which the desired outcomes will be achieved. By the end of the PTO phase, this framework and structure will be fully operational.
  • Creating a Short Term Business Plan, including crafting a Short Range Mission and Vision Statement.


As we enter the ETE Phase, attention turns to fine-tuning the system. In this phase we are improving the Quality and the Efficiency of the new initiatives we have implemented. By the end of the ETE phase, Performance is meeting the minimal performance standards of our desired outcomes.


With the initial objectives and performance standards being met, the DPE Phase optimizes performance to take it to a higher level. Our aim in this phase is to transform the organization and transcend the desired outcomes originally envisioned. The success of this phase is determined by Performance Enhancement Goals (the PEG) identified at the beginning of the DPE Phase.

the roadmap

On-Site Evaluation

After your initial consultation, Phillip will do an onsite evaluation (1 to 3 days) at your organization. He will:


Assess organizational strengths and weaknesses


Review existing systems, processes, and procedures


Assess your organization’s employees:




Personality Assessment

Competencies & Strategies

Some of the competencies and strategies that Phillip addresses with his consulting for small businesses which are available to incorporate into your Small Business Consulting Services Package include:


Goal Setting and Achievement Strategies


Adjusting to a Digital Business World


Strategic Planning and Redesign


Authenticity in the Marketplace


Promoting Shared Vision across your Organization


Clarifying your Company Culture


Identifying your Core Values


Team-Building and Accountability


Creating Trust


Executive and Leadership Development


Managing Change




Mission and Vision Statement


Succession Planning


Revamping Corporate Culture


Social Media Responsibilities and Marketing


Sales Methodologies


Sphere of Influence


Generating Referrals


Positioning in the Marketplace

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