Phillip is an awesome speaker and motivator. His story is inspiring. He moves you to action. He helps you to think about where you are and move forward with intention. He is a gifted presenter, born to share his story and encourage others. I’d recommend Phillip to speak at any event where you need to set the room ‘on fire’. His light will spark a fuse in your audience and move the crowd to action.

Bethany Williams

Vice President of Corporate Development, ZirMed

As I came on board as the President/CEO of the Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce I asked Phillip to speak at our monthly meeting. His presentation on Adversity and Challenges in Business and in Life was right on point. The audience as well as myself walked away with a sense of Hope and a renewed energy to move forward. His energy and heartfelt words combined with his emotional connection and engagement are what we all look for in a speaker. Phillip is a class act, a speaker I would invite time and time again. Some of the words that describe Phillip: Inspiring, Caring, Enthusiastic, Compelling, Fantastic Speaker, Motivational, and the list goes on. Have I convinced you yet? You need Phillip to speak to your audience.

Rudy Martinez

President/CEO, Greater Keller Chamber of Commerce

Phillip is God’s man! And everybody can “feel” his love!

Julie Ziglar Norman

Vice President of Business Development, Ziglar, Inc.

I would like to take a minute to tell you about Phillip Hatfield and his speaking engagement at U.S. Department of Justice. Stupendous! Awesome! Life Changing! These are just a few of the words being used by the women here to describe Phillip Hatfield’s presentation. He exceeded my expectations. The message he brought was tailor made to fit this unique group.

Patti Spencer

United States Department of Justice

Phillip Hatfield’s commitment and dedication to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are far from “surface” — they have been tried in the fires of adversity and only strengthened as a result. He effectively relates to challenges in the world of business as he does struggles in one’s personal and spiritual life. The power and depth of his experiences come through clearly when he shares his messages with his audiences.

Laurie Magers

Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar

I know Phillip Hatfield to be a man of great integrity and character. His actions speak for themselves, but you should also hear his story. His message will inspire you, challenge you, and motivate you to embrace the “Attitude of Gratitude.” No matter where you are on life’s continuum, Phillip’s experiences will apply to you. Whether it is in your personal, your family, your professional, or your faith journey, you will greatly benefit from Phillip Hatfield’s message.

Bryan Flanagan

Vice President of Sales, Ziglar, Inc.

Recently I was privileged to hear my colleague and friend Phillip Hatfield speak at the Zig Ziglar “Born To Win” Mega Conference in Dallas, Texas. As Phillip shared how he overcame what seemed like insurmountable odds I was inspired and challenged to not only do more but be more. Phillip is a powerful communicator and encourager who shares the lessons he has learned and applied while fighting for his life and returning to a successful business and personal life. You will be challenged and changed as you hear Phillip Hatfield share his message of hope for one and all.

David Wright

The Growth Coach

Phillip Hatfield’s story is a story of courage, faith and overcoming obstacles and barriers! Your organization would benefit greatly from having him speak of his life lessons. He will motivate your team to become stronger and better within themselves! I have had the privilege of hearing him speak and recommend him highly!

Dave Kauffman

Founder, Empowering Small Business

Phillip is a humble but bold person. As Phillip related his incredible story, those of us in the room were sitting forward in our seats listening to this incredible account! As Phillip spoke, he took us through the details of this accident and his awesome recovery. He has truly become a gifted speaker with the amazing ability to hold the attention of a small or large audience. I would highly recommend Phillip Hatfield if you or your company has need of an accomplished speaker.

Wallace L. Edge, Ph.D.

As usual, you Ziglar guys deliver. I thought we were in the delivery business. Phillip was SUPER. I loved knowing that he has a PHD.

Rod Steinbrook

Vice President, Supershot, Inc.

This year I was not feeling the conference; I have had many personal “bumps in my road”. I had made my appearance and was heading out of the door when I stopped to say hello and introduce myself to Phillip. At that very moment, I knew, I had to stay. We sat for hours visiting and chatting. His story, his passion, his appreciation for the blessings he has and those that Zig and Tom shared, they radiate from this man! Meeting Phillip Hatfield, I am convinced, has changed my life. I don’t know exactly how just yet, but I can assure you, he has. To all those at Ziglar, rest well at night, because Zig has passed the torch and it’s burning bright in Phillip Hatfield.

Eric Donaldson

President, Hot Shot Delivery, Inc.

I have known Phillip Hatfield for several years and have seen him in many different situations. He is an energetic, passionate communicator. He has a GREAT life’s story and communicates it with passion and humor. His detailed description of the things that have affected him is priceless. As a motivational speaker he is outstanding and an expert use of presentation skills. He encourages participation and actively engages the audience during his presentations. A consummate listener, a detailed proactive worker that provides a high level of quality in all that he does.

Gene Scott PMP, CPF

Sr. Partner / Lead Instructor, Facilitative Project Leadership

Out of GREAT pain, comes great PASSION. When that passion is focused on a greater purpose for good, AMAZING things happen. Phillip’s message and delivery is just that, AMAZING!

Scott R. Tucker

Radio Host, Author, Life Coach

Phillip had us on the edge of our seat the whole time. That was GREAT!

Bob Gilliam

The Gideons International

Thanks so much for the blessing you gave our camp in your presentation on last Thursday. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear your testimony. I talked to many of those present and each one was very pleased about your presentation and told me so. So thanks!!! Your presentation was excellent. You were articulate, your enunciation was excellent, transitions were good, and you were organized. I will let other Camp Presidents in the area know about you.

Dick Porth

President, Allen Camp, The Gideons International