Selling like a Five-Year-Old

Selling like a 5 year old – Small Business Coach, Dallas

For more than two decades, Phillip has been an excellent small business coach serving entrepreneurs in Dallas and other counties of North Texas. Using this video, he shows you how to handle objections like a five-year-old and pitch fearlessly.

As professional sales people or a small business owner, we have to get back to the basics Or you may need to learn the basics. The problem is we feel we are Natural sales people or we have had sales training for several years and now, we are Professionals. The second problem is our production is low or is beginning to suffer or as a new sales person you just can’t get started out of the gate. Lets stop, and remember our childhood or maybe yesterday when someone was at your front door with an Opportunity for you.

How does a Five-Year-Old sell?

Think back to the time when your doorbell rang and as you opened the door, there she was! The Cutest little 5-year-old girl wanting to sell you… some Cookies!

Now she did not just pop up out of nowhere. This little girl came knocking on your door with a Plan in mind & a Goal to achieve she has an objective. She knows the 5 W’s  of the plan she so carefully thought out before she headed out her door to seize the opportunities of her, neighbors, friends family and yes… Even strangers too, she knows the Who, the What, the Where, the When, the Why and she also knew the How of her plan to sell all of her supply and WIN the sales award.

Her 5 W’s

Who: YOU

What: her Cookies

Where: at Your Door

When: NOW

Why: Because she had to raise Money for her school

She also knew the HOW she was selling her cookies: Door to Door, Face to Face and Person to Person, one door at a time!

Overcoming Objections

In the video you hear a couple of her Overcoming Objections when I said, “ I did Not have any money.” What were a couple of her answers? Now listen as if she is standing at your front door. Pay attention to her Voice inflection, her body language. Imagine her looking into your eyes as she gives you her solution to your problem.

  1. But you have a Checkbook don’t you?
  2. You can borrow the money from your mom?

And her closing statement: “ But, You’ve Really got Have to have them”

As professionals we need to go back to the days of selling like a 5 year old! We need were prepared for our customer and have our plan of action ready! A Plan Tailored just for them, because most all objections are the same 4 or 5 that just keep coming back and rolling around over & over again!

Plan for those 5 same objection to your product or service. They are all the same objections just voiced in different terminology from a different face and voice.

Know your Product, Know the Need, and Know the Want & Desire for your product or service. As Zig Ziglar taught for year’s people do not buy for one of Five Reasons. NO, Yes no..

  1. Need
  2. Want
  3. Desire or No Money

Plan, Prepare  & Tailor Your Presentation

Once you have quickly assessed one of these motives as you are presenting & overcoming the objection you will know if you still have the possibility of a sale. Most of these 5 reasons are contemplated on the front end as you Plan & prepare your tailored presentation and thinking how you will overcome the objection from this particular client. I am sure she had a little coaching or Training from mom or dad, but her selling was her ability to have no FEAR. Go Out the door & Ask or Present her product.

The 5-year-old little girl as done her home work and is ready to achieve her goal. Her plan was simple

1.The preparation

2.The NO Fear!

3.Overcoming the Objections.

If you are new to sales or selling Don’t be so easy to accept NO, be Genuine in your presentation & Offer simple solutions to overcome the objection. Always sell solutions. After all, you have already done the homework on the front end so you have the plan.

Remember. When you get an objection after a sincere, genuine personable yet Professional presentation a lot of times they are not saying NO! They are simply saying…

“ I need More Information” or help me find a workable solution because…

Really I want to buy from you. I’d really want to help you achieve your Goal and I want your product. I’m not quiet sure, just need more convincing WHY I really need or want your Product or service.

Many people are to Embarrassed or Ashamed

A lot of times the sale is lost because we the Sales person who is selling the product who has built a relationship during the presentation… did not OFFER a Financial Solution. Many people are to embarrassed or Ashamed to ask about terms of payment or solution.

Make the optional terms in your presentation as if it is a normal occurrence and most people choose from one of the options. Make it easy and pleasant for them to take you up on your financing. Offer it first as you are stating all the ways they can purchase your product. Take The Pressure Off The Person; I have a zero down Non Qualifying financing with 15 % interest, or 90 days same as cash. We accept most all credit cards and we take Checks too. Hey…we even take CASH too

The How can I work out a financial arrangement with you! What are some Terms you offer?

Go & Grow!

Go back and start selling like a 5 year old and you BOTH will be Winners.

So are you ready,? Get set.. GROW. Now  It is “TIME to GROW” and Sell Like a 5 Year Old.