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A Fantastic Motivational & Leadership Keynote Speaker.

Personal & Professional Development

Because of his Authenticity and Transformational Leadership Style.

After experiencing his worst tragedy, he turned it into a catalyst for transformation of people.

Dedicated to being a trusted partner in your small business coaching program.

Phillip’s Entrepreneur Leadership Training and Development Programs are designed to make learning memorable and effective.

His mission is to assist your organization in achieving greatness in your Industry.

Phillip Hatfield was personally mentored and coached by the legendary Zig Ziglar, but that’s not where the story begins…

As a teenager, Phillip built his foundation of Success & Achievement working for his father’s construction company. He moved into the hospitality industry at age 24 with Regency Hotel Systems and at 26 he became the youngest General Manager and Vice-President in the history of the National Hotel and Hospitality Industry. Quickly became VP over three Five-Star continue reading...

On November 9, 2008, Phillip’s life took a devastating, irreversible turn when he was involved in a horrible accident. He ended up in the hospital with a broken back, broken ribs, and his abdomen literally burst open. He had three blood clots: one in his heart, one in his leg, and one in his lung. His left leg suffered 27 breaks from his hip to his toes, including his femur bone snapping in half. He was given sixty-seven pints of blood, and almost died seven times. His left leg was injured so severely that it had to be amputated below the knee continue reading...

Taking over the Ramada hotel after a devastating Fire that killed five people and hospitalized thirty-three, Phillip took on the enormous task of rebuilding the hotel and employees. He also helped mend the shattered lives of those affected by the fire: hotel guests and staff and employees as well as the families of those who died. Phillip labored side-by-side with the construction team and the hotel employees, even washing dishes, making beds, cooking and waiting tables when needed. This is where Phillip learned about Authenticity in Leadership and hisTransformational Leadership Style and becoming a “People Builder” continue reading...

A Fun, Engaging and Interactive Motivational Keynote Speaker

Phillip is an inspirational Motivational Keynote Speaker with stories, laughter, and fun as he ignites a culture of “True Performance” in your organization. In business, it’s all about “The People.” Phillip creates a memorable event that drives team spirit and motivates them to action. Helps them to achieve success at work and home. Builds leaders and drive results. That’s why Phillip is an Over The Top Leadership Keynote Speaker.


Phillip Hatfield is a Fantastic Motivational Keynote Speaker. He will inspire, pump-up and fire-up your team. He shares stories about how he overcame obstacles in life and business. Further, he will share how he overcame his greatest tragedy and turned himself to be a transformer.


Phillip is an exemplary leadership keynote speaker. He teaches high performing people about genuine "Authentic Leadership." Your team will master personal and organizational challenges through his dynamic, compelling, intense, fun, engaging, and interactive presentation.

Change Management

After starting his career in construction at the age of 16, Phillip moved to hospitality as a General Manager. He quickly rose to become VP of three Ramada franchise hotels after taking over single-handed responsibility following a devastating fire. He shows how to deal with change in your organization through barn-storming speeches full of humor and original thinking.

Leadership Training and Development

Phillip’s Leadership Training and Development Programs are Fun, Engaging, and Interactive, designed to make learning memorable and Effective. Our effective classes are the best in Texas.
The difference between training and development… not “Sitting in your seat, and Read my PowerPoint” !

Entrepreneur & Business Coaching

Phillip will assess your business with you and determine the best course of action. He will provide you with all the help you need in order to develop your business in the way you envision, including being clear on the strategy, the goals, and the way forward.

Business Consultant

Phillip specializes in providing management consulting on the most critical challenges and opportunities your business is facing. He innovates strategies for enabling your business to lead the market instead of just following the trend.

Therefore, the first step is a free, no-obligation 30-minutes consultation to determine if Phillip’s Small Business Consulting Services is the right fit for your organization.

The Author of Best-Selling Books

Phillip is Texas’s best-selling author of three books that will motivate, inspire and educate you. The book “Contagious Encouragement” got him international attention because it is about empowering people at home and at work. Encouragement becomes inspiration, and inspiration sparks innovation. His books are,

Companies that enjoy working with Phillip

What they say...

Richard Morris President, Richard Morris Seminars

After the tragic fire at the Ramada Inn, when Phillip was hired to bring it back to life, I had the honor to meet Phillip. I was so impressed with his positive attitude and service mindedness, that two years later I booked the Ramada Inn to handle the accommodations for my upcoming karate event. I was hosting the National Bruce Lee Scholarship Tournament and had Linda Lee and many world recognized martial arts celebrities attend. Phillip even fought in my tournament. We were reacquainted when I gave a devotional at the Zig Ziglar Corporation a few years ago. Phillip is a tremendously Joyful and Encouraging person! He is a dynamic motivational keynote speaker that will get your people ready to prime the pump of life and success. You must read Contagious Encouragement! This book will stoke the embers of encouragement within you and will set your heart on fire!

Hank Moore
Hank Moore White House Advisor to 5 U.S. Presidents, Futurist, Corporate Strategist

Phillip Hatfield is one of the most dynamic people I have met. He is well worth listening to and being motivated by. He and I both appeared at the Texas Courier and Logistics Association’s Annual Conference, which had the theme “Moving in the Right Direction.” I was the opening motivational keynote speaker and Phillip was the concluding motivational keynote speaker. Among the messages that I got from Phillip: not just the moment of glory, business mentor is the sure path to your success. Phillip Hatfield is a true champion for others.

Tom Ziglar
Tom Ziglar CEO, Ziglar, Inc.

Phillip Hatfield is truly amazing! His from the heart passion and total gratitude for life and his Lord come through in every word he says. Whatever your need may be, Phillip will inspire you to take the next step in your journey towards success.

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