Best Motivational Leadership Speaker, Dallas, North Tx. - Phillip Hatfield "The Transformer"

The Power of Transformational Leadership

A National Motivational & Leadership Keynote Speaker, Author, and Small Business Coach helping Transform small businesses and their people!

Phillip Hatfield is exciting, he will inspire, Pump-Up and Fire-Up your team. As a Dis-Abled Inspirational Speaker Phillip will share stories how he overcame obstacles and barriers in life and business. He will share how your team can overcome their barriers. Phillip shares tools to help your organization achieve your Goals Dreams and Aspirations!


Personally mentored by the great “ Zig Ziglar” twenty plus years and known as “The Transformer” Phillip Hatfield helps transform organizations and their people. Phillip is a fantastic motivational keynote speaker in transformational leadership and he builds high achieving people teaching them about  genuine  “Authentic Leadership.” Your team will overcome personal and organizational challenges through his exciting, powerful, fun, engaging and interactive presentations.


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Phillip Builds Transformational Leadership through…

After the tragic fire at the Ramada Inn, when Phillip was hired to bring it back to life, I had the honor to meet Phillip. I was so impressed with his positive attitude and service mindedness, that two years later I booked the Ramada Inn to handle the accommodations for my upcoming karate event. I was hosting the National Bruce Lee Scholarship Tournament and had Linda Lee (Bruce’s widow) and many world recognized martial arts celebrities attend. They also stayed at the Ramada Inn. Phillip even fought in my tournament. We were reacquainted when I gave a devotional at the Zig Ziglar Corporation a few years ago. Phillip is a tremendously Joyful and Encouraging person! Phillip is a dynamic motivational keynote speaker that will get you fired up and your people ready to prime the pump of life and success. Phillip’s presentation using Zig Ziglar’s original chrome pump always gets everyone involved and excited and he brings audience members to their feet with excitement as he brings audience members up to pump Zig’s pump for their goals and dreams. Phillips Prime the pump talk with Zig’s pump it always a hit . Ask for the Pump demonstration in Phillip’s keynotes or leadership training and development programs.

You must read Contagious Encouragement! This book will stoke the embers of encouragement within you and will set your heart on fire! Once you read it, you will want to share and recommend Contagious Encouragement to all of your loved ones. Life can get in the way of our joy, at times, but this book will get you back on track. Phillip Hatfield is not only a black belt in karate, but a black belt Encourager in life!

Richard Morris

President, Richard Morris Seminars

Phillip Hatfield is one of the most dynamic people I have met. He is well worth listening to and being motivated by. He and I both appeared at the Texas Courier and Logistics Association’s Annual Conference, which had the theme “Moving in the Right Direction.” I was the opening motivational keynote speaker and Phillip was the concluding motivational keynote speaker. Among the messages that I got from Phillip: not just the moment of glory, business mentor is the sure path to your success. Phillip Hatfield is a true champion for others.
Hank Moore

White House Advisor to 5 U.S. Presidents, Futurist, Corporate Strategist

Phillip Hatfield is truly amazing! His from the heart passion and total gratitude for life and his Lord come through in every word he says. Whatever your need may be, Phillip will inspire you to take the next step in your journey towards success.
Tom Ziglar

CEO, Ziglar, Inc.